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645nm laser alignment system

645nm Laser Alignment System

The 300-0100-00 series 645nm alignment laser modules offers a range of interchangeable, pre-aligned precision optics: 88° cross, 58° line, 58° cross/spot, which provide optimum laser beam performance, as no user adjustment is required. The laser intensity, however, is user adjustable from 0.1mW to 4.5mW, allowing brightness to be optimised for the target material. The focus is also user adjustable.

The 645nm laser alignment module offers unrivalled performance and ease of use at an affordable price and is ideal for use in industrial alignment and machine vision, particularly in clothing manufacture and the textile industry.

The laser modules incorporate anti-surge, anti-static and reverse polarity protected electronics, anti-reflection coated scratch resistant glass window to protect the internal optics and 2.1mm jack socket to ease installation and replacement, all contained in a 14mm diameter housing. Each laser diode module is supplied with an adjustable mounting bracket, (with Allen key), wall plug power supply and power adjustment tool.

Optional accessories include a 4-outlet junction box which allows up to four modules to be operated from one wall plug power supply, 2 metre and 5 metre power extension leads and all interchangeable optics heads.

Part Number



300-0100-00 series

645 nm

5 mW

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