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NEW Precision Optics

Scitec Instruments supplies precision optical components and assemblies. Our manufacturer has a strong capability to design and fabricate both custom made optics with various optical materials and supply a huge range of standard stock optics products for both OEM and R&D users. Extensive testing ensures that all products are shipped to exacting specifications and within precise tolerances.


NEW A wide range of materials and degrees of precision. Special materials are available upon request.


NEW BK7, fused silica, sapphire and CaF2 lenses. Custom focusing systems are can be designed upon request.


NEW Many kinds of high precision prisms in various materials. Selection of the most suitable prism is primarily dependent on the application.

Wave plates

NEW Zero-order and achromatic waveplates can be supplied to required specifications.

Beam splitters

NEW Polarising beamsplitters, plate beamsplitters and non-polarising cube beamsplitters.


NEW Filter types supplied include birefringent, laser line inference, individual neutral density and bandpass filters. Filter materials used include metallic films, coloured glasses and thin dielectric films.

Laser Optics

NEW Our straight-line generator lenses can be used to display uniform straight reference lines for use in alignment, machine vision systems, construction and process control. In addition, the lenses may also be used on lower power lasers.

Coloured Optical Glass

NEW A large range, from ultraviolet to infrared, of coloured optical glass can be supplied according to customer requirements.

IR Materials

NEW Zinc Selenide (ZnSe), Zinc Sulphide (ZnS), Germanium (Ge) or Gallium Arsenide (GeAs) are commonly used for the broad IR spectrum including both 3-5µm and 8-14µm bands. Other materials are available.


NEW We can provide many kinds of coatings including anti-reflective, multi-layer anti-reflective, multi-layer broadband anti-reflectance and dual wavelength band anti-reflective coatings.

Custom Optics

NEW We can also provide a custom optics service. We can fulfil not only high volume custom orders but also single piece custom-made part orders.

Scitec Instruments can also supply mounts and fixings for optical equipment.

Please contact us for further details of this new range of products.


precision optics
precision optics
precision optics

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