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50 mW Blue Laser Diode Module at 488 nm

50 mW Blue Laser Diode Module at 488 nm50 mW Blue Laser Diode Module at 488 nm

November 2009, - Scitec Instruments introduces a 50 mW Blue-488 blue laser diode module from Oxxius.

The 50 mW Blue-488 laser module takes advantage of the latest advances in GaN laser diode technology, and offers a state-of-the-art solution for the most demanding requirements.

With outstanding power stability (< 2 % pp over 8 hours) and very low noise (< 0.5 % rms from 10 Hz to 2 MHz), compact size and low power dissipation (< 2 W), the Blue-488 is a great alternative to traditional solid-state technologies. It’s also the perfect solution for analytical applications such as flow cytometry, microscopy and other fluorescence excitation techniques.

In response to customers’ requests fibre coupled versions of this module will be available shortly. Currently the Blue-488 is available in two versions, dedicated either for OEM integration or for laboratory use.

Please have a look at the 488nm, 50mW module page for more information.


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